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Moving Forward

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On June 3, 2020, after four years, a settlement was reached between Burma Superstar and its former and current employees for $1.3 million with no ruling made by the court on the merits of the allegations. Burma Superstar has always been and continues to be, dedicated to the well-being of its staff. Numerous kitchen and waitstaff who have been our employees for over 10 years can attest to this dedication. While we strongly disagreed with the claims of the lawsuit, we settled in order to move on and reduce the financial and human costs of continuing to fight it. 

Overall, we are glad that this matter has come to an end. Now we can continue to focus on doing what we love: providing the Bay Area with delicious Burmese cuisine while taking care of the people that are with us today. These are challenging times for all restaurants, but we know that we will get through it with the support of our community and our dedicated employees who have been a huge part of our success.

- Desmond Tan