Burma Superstar

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Burma Superstar Oakland

4721 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, USA  +1 510-652-2900

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Burma Superstar Alameda

1345 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501, USA   +1 510-522-6200

Burma Superstar Restaurant began its cultural journey in 1992. By 2002 The Burma Superstar Restaurant had turned into one of the most popular Burmese restaurants in San Francisco. At the cornerstone of the new restaurant concept was the showcasing of our Burmese culinary excellence and tradition in comfortable and friendly surroundings inspired by a tremendous and absorbing passion for Burmese culinary heritage and cultural diversity.

Now known for its bustling tables, the sizzle of onions and garlic in the wok; and a wait time so legendary that customers start to line up before the doors even open; Burma Superstar is a Bay Area institution, offering diners a taste of the addictively savory and spiced food of Myanmar. With influences from neighboring India and China, as well as Thailand and Laos, Burmese food is a unique blend of flavors, and Burma Superstar includes such stand-out dishes as the iconic Tea Leaf Salad, Chili Lamb, Pork and Pumpkin Stew, Platha (a buttery layered flatbread), Spicy Eggplant, and Mohinga, a fish noodle soup that is arguably Myanmar’s national dish

Over 15 years on, the long queues continue and our founder’s philosophy continues to be instrumental in the expansion of the Burma Inc business into many new brands and possibilities throughout the Bay Area. Our team passion to create a Burmese legacy enriches the already popular restaurant experience making Burma Superstar one of the most rated on Yelp, one of the top ten attractions for those visiting the Bay Area from outside, and a cornerstone of Burma Inc. 

From Burma Superstar comes a mouthwatering collection of our favourite recipes which have been carefully collected together in the Burma Superstar Book. , including Fiery Tofu, Garlic Noodles, the legendary Tea Leaf Salad, and many more. Never before have the vivid flavors of Burmese cooking been so achievable for home cooks.

Each of these recipes has been crafted and streamlined for home cooks of all experience levels, without the need for special equipment or long lists of hard-to-find ingredients. Stunningly photographed and peppered with essays about the country and its food this inside look at the world of Burma Superstar presents a seductive glimpse of an emerging culinary jewel of Southeast Asia.