Tamarind Salt


Because tamarind and salt both make your mouth water. Think of this as a homemade MSG substitute. It can be used on virtually everything in this book that needs more salt. A coffee grinder reserved for spices is all you need to make tamarind salt, although the machine will get a bit of a workout. Tamarind salt is also a great alternative to fish sauce if you’re looking to keep things on the vegetarian side - It’s the perfect seasoning for Pumpkin Tofu Stew (page 35)

Makes a heaping ¼ cup

¾ ounce seedless tamarind pulp (see page 238)

½ cup salt

Pull the tamarind pulp into small pieces with your hands, removing any large pits. Toss the pulp in the salt and let it dry out for at least an hour or overnight. In two batches, pulse the salt and tamarind in a coffee grinder until the tamarind is ground thoroughly into the salt. Be patient. If the grinder gets jammed, give it a shake and try grinding again.

Store in an airtight container indefinitely.